RLIF Statement re Greek Rugby League Association decision to host World Cup Qualifying game in London


The RLIF has noted the decision of the Greek Rugby League Association (GRLA) to host their “home” RLIF World Cup 2021 qualification game against Scotland in London.

Global Operations Manager Danny Kazandjian said,

“Whilst the decision of the GRLA to host their game against Scotland in London is perfectly understandable it is still a sad state of affairs which will deny players the opportunity to play in front of their home audience and the local fans to support their national team. However, the two teams need to make their preparations with certainty and this decision allows them to get on and prepare fully for this vital fixture.

“The GRLA, the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) and the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) have all worked together to try to resolve the issues which are created by the intransigence of the Greek Modern Pentathlon Federation, which technically, in the eyes of the Greek authorities, has governance responsibility for rugby league in Greece. This is despite the fact that we, as the pertinent international federation, do not recognise modern pentathlon’s authority. International federation endorsement is enshrined in Greek sports law so the status quo is untenable.

“We have tried to seek support from our fellow GAISF member, the international federation for modern pentathlon, UIPM, who have been reluctant to get involved. We note with gratitude their recent statement clarifying that UIPM has no desire to have authority over any sports other than their own.”


This email was sent to
The Rugby League International Federation, 55 King Street, The Rugby League International Federation, Manchester, Manchester M2 4LQ, United Kingdom

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